DH Pace Company Among Ingram’s Best To Work For

DH Pace Company is proud to announce it has been listed among Ingram Magazine's 2019 Best Companies to Work For. The following excerpt* is from Ingram's Best Companies To Work For article in the May 2019 edition of Ingram's Magazine.

Front row, (l-r): Emily Bailey, General Counsel; Rex Newcomer, Chief Executive Officer; Rhonda Johnson, Director of Human Resources; Alex Newcomer, Division Manager; Cassie Goodman, Vice President – Training and Development. Back row, (l-r): Trice Alford, Chief Marketing Officer; Brian Gillespie, Chief Financial Officer; Tom Palmer, Chief Financial Officer; Steve Pascuzzi, President – Local Market Groups; Nelson Newcomer, Executive VP – Newcomer Foundation; Stephanie Smith, Vice President Operations; Brad Newcomer, Chief of Staff; Chris Mann, Chief Information Officer.

D.H. Pace Co.

D.H. Pace Co. is an Olathe-based distributor of doors and other building products designed to improve the safety, security, productivity and customer convenience of the facilities in the communities it serves. The company’s roots go back to 1926, and it also focuses considerable resources in supporting community organizations with an emphasis on programs that directly affect the lives of people in need.

Serving Our Communities

“Our culture is built on service, so our teams get excited about programs and opportunities to help others,” the company declares. “It gives our organization a chance to connect with the community and make a positive difference in the lives of people around us.” Local Activity Teams in each division organize events and activities like walk and race events, as well as blood drives, fundraisers, and food and gift drives.

Charitable Giving

D.H. Pace also distributes a portion of its profits to, and actively participates with, community organizations that support education, human services, housing and health-related needs through the Newcomer Family Foundation. One example is a multi-year work-study program for students from a local, private inner-city high school. Students work on a rotating basis to fill the role of a full-time employee in a job-sharing arrangement. The participants’ earnings go directly toward the cost of their education, and the students gain valuable work experience in a professional environment.

Company Growth

D.H. Pace’s sales reached $548 million in 2018, up from $435 million in 2017. The company has a diverse work force of more than 2,500 employees, double the number from just four years ago.”

Investing in Our Employees

D.H. Pace offers extensive training programs for its employees, providing over 47,000 hours of annual training in 2018. “We find that our investment in training programs and employee growth initiatives accelerates professional development, strengthens team performance and provides greater long-term carrier opportunities within our organization,” the company says. This includes in-person classroom sessions, hands-on training and online resources which incorporate videos, quizzes, articles, news updates and more features. It focuses on recruiting qualified candidates who are team players, interested in growing their skills and share the company’s commitment to community service, and those individuals come from a variety of experiences and all walks of life. “We are blessed,” D.H. Pace says, “to be an organization that is diverse, growing and working hard to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

About DH Pace’s Commitment to Community

Community involvement has always been an important factor at DH Pace. To learn more about the Company’s commitment to community, click here.

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