Auto Door Program Solves Hospital Maintenance Problem

A hospital required some operable wall repair in their facility which to a bi-annual Planned Maintenance (PM) agreement.


An existing hospital was having issues with some of their automatic doors and asked DH Pace to survey the facility. The DH Pace inspection determined many of the openings in the facility hadn’t been serviced properly, resulting in safety issues and possible code violations.


DH Pace presented a new Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) program for automatic doors to the Facility Director. This program included the ambulance bay doors, operable walls, and manual ADA doors. The customer signed up for a three year PMA contract on all their automatic doors. The PMA contract offers customers an annual price per opening that includes labor and service charges on future calls while providing them an annual American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) inspection and a planned maintenance call.

The following items are benefits of a planned maintenance contract:
• Improved budget planning
• Upfront pricing
• Increased operational efficiency and reliability of equipment
• Documentation to ensure liability is limited
• Risk management through accident prevention
• Summary checklist of work performed, along with recommendations
for needed repairs or product replacement
• Decreased costly downtime


Due to our professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness, this facility now uses DH Pace as a total solution provider on all of their door related needs.