Church Considers Security Options as Part of Door Upgrade

A local church needed to ensure only authorized access to an area where children attend school.


The church needed to secure an area where children studied while still permitting authorized members to enter and leave the facility conveniently. The church couldn’t lock the area where kids studied without locking the doors entirely. The current method of securing the doors caused a severe safety risk for the school children in the case of a fire and was a significant code violation.


To resolve the customer’s concerns, DH Pace installed an access control system including electromagnetic locks and different forms of releasing devices, ensuring a code-compliant solution while increasing safety. A wireless video intercom system with handheld receivers was installed to allow children, staff and authorized personnel to come and go as needed.

The Company also replaced the wood transom with glass to allow for better lighting of the area and increased the door height from 6 foot 8 inches to 7 foot to improve the functionality of the opening.


Complex project aren’t always large. Sometimes small entries require a unique approach to ensure all the requirements and opportunities are realized.