Homeowner Says Garage Doors Attracted New Buyer


After investing in two new garage doors and garage door opener system, a homeowner quickly sold their home.


The homeowner had previously had their garage doors serviced by DH Pace and contacted the Company to review options for new garage doors and operators.

They had very basic standard panel doors on their home and wanted to upgrade them. They lived in an upscale area and had fallen in love with some beautiful garage doors on another residence in the master-planned neighborhood. As a reference, the homeowner had taken a photo of the garage doors that caught their eye.


DH Pace used a door design software and a photo of the home to simulate how different styles of garage doors would make the exterior of their home look. After reviewing several options, the homeowner selected insulated steel garage doors with a stamped carriage door design.

The homeowner also chose a window style similar to their inspiration photo and added bean-shaped decorative hardware to give the door a more polished, carriage house look.


A few weeks after the installation was complete, the sales representative was in the neighborhood and decided to stop at the residence to see how the homeowners were enjoying their new garage doors. Much to the sales representative’s surprise, there was a For Sale sign in the yard with SOLD on it. The sales representative rang the doorbell and the homeowner answered the door. The sales representative said they didn’t realize the homeowners were putting their home on the market. The owner said they hadn’t planned on it, but someone had made an offer anyway. “I feel like the garage doors are what made the difference in the home being so attractive to a prospective homeowner,” the homeowner said.