Homeowner Updates 70s Brick Home


A homeowner wanted to increase the curb appeal for their 1970s brick ranch-style home.


The owner of the home decided it was time for an update to the exterior. They had already remodeled the entire kitchen and now wanted to increase the overall curb appeal of the home. They had also done some landscaping improvements and added a neutral stone retaining wall, which made the original 1970s brick stand out even more.


DH Pace visited the homeowner to understand what they were looking for. First, the homeowner had the exterior painted to update the look and feel of the brick. Now they wanted to extend the updates to both the front door and carport areas.

DH Pace used a door design software and a photo of the home to simulate what a new door would look like. After reviewing the options, they selected a standard entry door and customized it with a single long vertical glass panel. The homeowner chose this design because it matched the updated kitchen cabinets in their recent renovation. Using a color chart, the owner selected a door color that matched their newly painted exterior.

With the customizations to the front door, the homeowner knew a traditional storm door would conceal the custom glass design. They inquired about other options that might be available and still allow for ventilation. DH Pace recommended adding a retractable screen instead. This way, the beauty of the new front door would not be obstructed and they still gained air cross flow through the home.

They also wanted to add a garage door to the carport area, so DH Pace turned to the door design program again to display different garage door options. The homeowner chose a flush panel garage door and added custom glass inserts to repeat the design theme from the kitchen cabinets and front door.


To enclose the carport area more, the homeowner had added semi-open interior walls made of cedar horizontal boards for a shuttered look. DH Pace built out the front part of the carport and installed the custom garage door.


By working with DH Pace, the homeowner gained a design partner to help them bring their concept to reality as well as a partner with carpentry skills to build their vision.