Outdoor Retailer Needed to Eliminate Outrageous Costs

An outdoor gear retailer needed to make serious repairs on their 18 loading docks. They were also concerned about the ongoing maintenance of the doors once they were repaired and needed someone to “just take care of them” on a regular basis.


The retailer was paying high prices for on-going and constant service calls to maintain their 18 22-foot by 24-foot loading dock doors, 18 dock seals, 16 pit levelers and 2 operators.

They wanted a company to take care of the problems for them without paying emergency service fees. In addition, the facility operates on an 18 hour schedule, so they wanted to get the doors repaired without downtime.


DH Pace completed all the repairs and then offered the retailer an ongoing maintenance program so doors would be inspected and repaired on a regular basis.

The program helped the company get older doors back into shape, as well as saved the company from future issues with safety and recurring repair costs.


Ongoing maintenance programs with planned inspections can save money in both safety and recurring costs as well as downtime.