Real Estate Developer Looks for Garage Doors


A multifamily real estate development and construction firm developing a new community needed garage doors for their new high-end apartment project.


The developer was on a specific construction timeline and needed a partner that could meet their time frames and deliver garage doors that fit the architectural style of the community. The development featured luxury finishes, attached garages and a modern architectural appeal. With high-end visual appeal being so important the customer planned to custom paint the garage doors to complement development’s palette.


DH Pace provided nearly 90 garage doors, complete with garage door operators and exterior keypads. In addition, DH Pace installed the timer-to-close feature on all the operators so the community’s residents had peace-of-mind that their doors would close after a certain amount of had time elapsed if they had accidentally left the garage door open. DH Pace provided the garage doors in a rich bronze color that matched the color scheme of the development. The developer saved both time and funds by not having to custom paint the garage doors after they were installed.


DH Pace completed each building of the developer’s project on schedule. Installation took about three days per building, which included 15 garage doors, garage door openers and the additional timer to close functionality per building. The Company proved to be a beneficial partner by delivering the goods and services the development company required and by offering additional recommendations that saved time and expense.